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Audioteka | Stories well told

Audioteka is mobile-first audiobook platform 
providing access to a wide variety of books,
literature and articles in audio format



what we do

Audioteka provides a mobile audiobook applications of its own design for a wide range of mobile devices, cars and wearables. Active in 23 countries and 9 languages – Spanish, French, German, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Italian, Lithuanian and English.

You can check out Audioteka’s stores full list here :

why we do it

We want people to stay active. We want people to make better use of their time during the day. We do what we do because we want people to be more entertained, relaxed and educated thanks to the stories that we bring and the way in which we deliver them.



how we do it

Audioteka is focused on two things: to design easy to use mobile apps (and to make them available on a wide range of mobile devices), and to create the greatest audio content. Our dream is have everyone on the planet try an audiobook at least once!

In this small way in which we touch people’s lives, we want to make a big impact.

By listening to audiobooks during everyday tasks, our users expose themselves to a whole new world without needing to interrupt their daily schedule. Audiobooks are a way to regain peace of mind or to escape the stresses of life.  They can take the listener to another place, time, or on a much needed adventure.