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We’ve found the words  
and given them a voice


Audioteka would not be where it is today without our first class partners – our respected publishers and audiobook producers. We work in 9 languages, with over 200 publishers from all over the world to provide our clients with access to a catalogue of over 20,000 titles!


We also source and record our own audiobooks, collaborate with actors, inspire new and innovative productions and in doing so we offer unique content that can’t be found in any other audiobook store. In particular, we love creating superproductions. These large scale projects incorporate the best talent, full actor casts and are accompanied by original soundtracks and sounds effects.




Our flagship product. We bring together brilliant actors so that you may experience books in their most epic retelling. Accompanied by an original score and special sound effects, up to 120 actors may be involved in a single production. Close your eyes and let the sound envelop you.



Game of Thrones 

George RR Martin’s bestseller has came to life in our audiobook superproduction.




Incorporating the sounds of Bangkok in Jo Nesbo’s crime novel about Harry Hole.



The classic book and film. Now available in audiobook format.



The Invincible

A captivating journey of sound into the imagination of the Great Stanislaw Lem.