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Audioteka provides a robust mobile platform  
from cross-device synchronization (smartphone-tablet-car)
to one click payments (with focus on carrier billing)

Audioteka is available on iOS, Android, Samsung Bada, Windows Phone, PC, iPad and many others. Our apps are intuitive and easy to navigate. No upfront payment or registration is required. What’s more,  in-app purchases are available.
Audiobooks are always available on virtual shelf and are accessible from any device.  Users can also transition between their personal devices thanks to synchronized virtual bookmarks that work on and offline.


That’s right, Audioteka has developed the first, European, patent pending solution for an Audiobook Car Application. Audioteka cooperates with manufacturers Ford, Skoda, Volkswagen, Renault, Volvo and Toyota. Research shows that audiobooks are frequently enjoyed during daily commutes and longer distance road trips. 


Audiobook +  

Audioteka has developed and patented a method of synchronizing audiobooks and e-books allowing users to switch between reading and listening without missing a single beat. What’s more, the ebook is provided at no additional cost!