Audioteka SA Paving New Ways into Audio Space

Since our launch in 2008, we have sold nearly 20 million digital audio products to customers all across Europe, in Turkey and Latin America.

Our vision

Our vision has always been to create a perfectly easy and seamless connection between technology and culture in our expanding digital world.

We started with introducing mp3 audiobooks in Poland in 2008. But we did not stop there. Right after that we launched our first mobile app. It allowed people to switch from tedious mp3 downloads to a hitch-free and smooth mobile listening experience. This turned us into the premier audio companion for our users. And we soon discovered that this relationship is not just about books. What our users started to expect from us is engaging stories well told - so that’s what has been our mission ever since.

Today, we are telling tens of thousands of good stories to hundreds of thousands of people every day — with bestselling audiobooks, our original movie‑like audio superproductions, mini‑series, docudramas, TV‑like audio series, that we call audio shows, and podcasts.

In addition, we are constantly working on new ideas, new approaches and new technologies. Everyone in our team has made it his or her personal commitment to conquer the uncharted territory in the audio universe, driven by the desire of being the first in providing our customers and clients with the best audio experiences available anywhere.

About Audioteka

Audioteka produces over 30.000 hours of content every year with nearly 20 recording studios, hundreds of professional voices in our database, and some 70 directors and sound engineers at our fingertips. Our productions range from traditional audiobooks to new formats such as audio shows and audio series, documentaries and docudramas, news and information, infotainment, entertainment, education and travel and mindfulness programs.

Our staff consists of an international team of over 100 people: developers, programmers, techies, content specialists, producers, book fiends, and other experts based in such countries as Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania, France or Turkey.

Our authors, script writers, actors and lectors represent the top of the entertainment and media industries. They are equally well known from popular TV, radio and cinema productions and streaming services such as HBO, TVN/DISCOVERY, SNL, or Netflix.

What we do

We introduce audio novices to the rich world of audio and provide audio aficionados with curated content, much of it being our own original productions that people can enjoy while they are also busy with other tasks.

This makes Audioteka a great travel companion. We enrich the time spent on chores. We diversify gym trainings. We lively up daily commutes. And we block out noise and stress with periods of calm and relaxation.

Our content is seamlessly available on all digital devices via our apps.

This is how we add a new dimension to people’s daily lives in an entirely non-intrusive way.

Our Products

On Audioteka our clients - individual audio aficionados - can find over 70.000 audiobooks in 11 languages.


With Lecton, we provide a curated and constantly updated platform for those tired of searching the vast world of audio products, for new audio formats, specific audio content and podcasts. Lecton offers external and our own originally produced content from news and information to our own mini series, docu‑dramas, entertainment and crime shows, and mindfulness programs.


With Audiobooks@Work, we help companies and HR departments reach employees for internal trainings and communications to inspire, improve and help to relax anytime and anyplace.