Audioteka produces over 30.000 hours of content every year for its three key platforms ‘Audioteka’ for audiobooks, ‘Lecton’ as a curated platform of different audio formats and genres, and ‘Audio@work’ with tailored HR audio content.


With ‘Audioteka’, we offer classic and new formats for audiobooks. We are the market leader in Poland and the Check Republic, and offer 80.000 titles in 11 languages including German, French, Spanish and Turkish.


‘Lecton’ is our platform for those tired of searching the vast world of audio for interesting content. We offer a curated platform with news and information, entertainment formats such as docudramas, comedy, crime reports, snackable audio books, audio series and mindfulness podcasts. These are either original Audioteka productions or produced by external content providers.


‘Audio@work’ is an easily and globally scalable program for HR departments and internal communications that allows employers to provide staff with messages from management or HR, trade or product specific trainings and publications, management books, language programs, and motivational, mindfulness and meditation programs. Audioteka S.A. produces this content either according to employer specifications or creates a branded channel with content provided or defined by the employer.

Our productions range from traditional audiobooks to new formats such as audio shows and audio series, documentaries and docudramas, news and information, infotainment, entertainment, education and travel and mindfulness programs.


With our products ‘Audioteka’, ‘Lecton’ and ‘Audio@work’, we serve individuals as well as national brands and multinational corporations.

Our clients include individual audio aficionados who love to have the world of audio seamlessly at their fingertips, any place and any time. They either listen to the 80.000 audiobooks available on ‘Audioteka’, or enjoy the experience of ‘Lecton’, which provides a curated and often originally produced menu of podcasts, shows, news and snackable books.

From small firms to global corporates, we help serve consumer-focused companies such as telecoms, car manufacturers, gas stations, banks, or fast moving consumer goods retailers looking for an extra perk for their customers create a unique offer that combines their core products and services with audio-content and platforms.

We also support small firms, global corporates and content owners - such as publishing houses or media organizations - in their brand building and marketing efforts by helping with the creation and production of their own branded or white label audio channels.

From small firms to global corporates, we originally produce or help create a company-specific audio channel that reaches staff with relevant content - mostly for internal trainings and education, to inspire, and to help relax.

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Based in Warsaw, Poland, we have hundreds of professional voices, and some 70 directors and sound engineers at our fingertips.

Our authors, script writers, actors and lectors represent the top of the entertainment and media industries. They are equally well known from popular TV, radio and cinema productions and streaming services such as HBO, TVN/DISCOVERY, SNL, or Netflix.

With our international team at headquarters in Warsaw, Poland, and in offices around Europe and Turkey, we are committed to providing the best in audio content and technology.



Marcin leads the company and shapes the long term vision of what we do. He is a serial entrepreneur in the IT and media space having successfully launched two companies before Audioteka.


Chief Content Officer

Arek leads the team responsible for content operations including production and acquisition of new titles from publishers. He has over 15 years of experience in the publishing industry working for both local and global publishers.


Chief Financial Officer

Rafał is leading the finance team which supports strategy executions and business development from the financial and legal side. He has CAP qualifications and 10+ years of experience in finance sector. Before Audioteka Rafał worked for Wolters Kluwer, Lexis Nexis and KPMG.


Head of Marketing

Aleksandra is in charge of B2C sales and marketing. She is a graduate of University of Warsaw, Warsaw School of Economics and Université Nancy II. She joined Audioteka in 2013 and since then advanced from social media&customer care assistant, store management to leading the international sales and marketing team.


Head of Operations

Michał is responsible for operational efficiency and implementation. Before Audioteka he worked for Motorola and Samsung gaining 15+ years of experience in project management, engineering and business development.


Head of Production

Paulina leads the production team and is heavily involved in creating new types of spoken word content. She has 10 years of experience in various positions related to audio production. Before Audioteka Paulina worked for the International Theatre Festival MALTA, Polish Theatre Institute and Adam Mickiewicz institute.


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